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Youth Impact

Impacting the lives of more than 1,000 youth annually, BHCA is the largest Summer Youth Employment & Learning Program (SYELP) Provider in the City of Hartford as well as a Community School Partner at Weaver High School.
BHCA Youth Employment and Development Programming impacts the lives of high school students and young adults with the goal of building a dynamic future workforce with in-demand skills.

Blue Hills Education and  Social Technology(BHEST)

The Extended Learning Program at Blue Hills in Weaver High School. We focus on enriching student life by promoting key skills such as problem-solving and leadership. Our mission is to ensure the well-being of students, preparing them to be productive members in both school and life. With goals of college readiness, community collaboration, and a welcoming environment, we aim to enhance grades and attendance.

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Summer Youth Employment & Learning Program (SYELP)

The Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program (SYELP) is a five-week, in-school employment and training program for students, ages 14 to 24.

The program provides opportunities for youth participants to increase competencies in the areas of job readiness, customer service, basic skills, interpersonal communication, computer literacy, personal qualities, problem-solving and decision making, and financial literacy.


This is accomplished through meaningful work experiences, learning projects, and classroom training. The earnings from these programs are a constructive way to teach the value of study and work. SYELP is funded through grant funds through Capital Workforce Partners.

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