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“The Blue Hills Civic Association helped me develop my leadership skills before I was a shy, timid and an observant student that wouldn’t get up and share any of my ideas even though I had a lot, but then BHCA placed me in a leadership role so it forced me to do workshops, plan events and it just became second nature to me and I really enjoyed the opportunity.”


“I started at the Blue Hills Civic Association when I was 14 years old. When I started the summer youth employment program BHCA staff helped me find my voice. Through various programs at BHCA, I had the opportunity to work on my public speaking skills as well as different work opportunities. I'm grateful for the skills I've gained and the opportunities I have been given through the Blue Hills Civic Association.”


“The BHEST staff assisted me not only in with work but also in my personal life. The Blue Hills Civic Association has provided me support wherever possible and I can never thank the Blue Hills Civic Association staff enough for what they've done for me.”

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